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What our students are saying...

What our students are saying...


"We love the design. It's current but timeless. It's all about function & every detail is functional & used on a daily basis"

- The Morgan's, Detroit Michigan

"The process made the entire design phase and construction smoother for us and the homeowner on a whole home craftsman style make over"

- Johnson Homes, Royal Oak Michigan

"From the course we learned how to obtain a good contractor who is reliable, cost effective, and works in a timely manner which is especially important when dealing with a budget. It made us think beyond the basics of choosing colour and the latest style. It helped us to do it once and do it right"

- The Jackson's, Ontario Canada

"A huge undertaking a 4.5-month renovation of 90% of our home. There were some minor frustrations along the way but this by far made it as detailed and painless as possible."

- Brenda, Ontario, Canada

"Before we renovated our entire main floor, we attended a previous in-person kitchen & bath educational seminar with Cassandra & Patrick and we're glad we did. We recommend taking these courses before embarking on a new build or renovation project to get perspective on the many details that go into a successful project"

- The Machans, Ontario, Canada

"Cassandra's processes for design and planning are the most detailed I have seen in my 30 year career"

- Custom Home Builder, Ontario Canada

"Cassandra is a proven expert in the kitchen, bath and home industry. She has a gift for space, and an extreme eye for detail that when combined create extraordinary results. I can’t believe she’s sharing her coveted expert tips and personally developed processes through these courses. I know that this content will drastically help homeowners to have less stress during the design, estimating and building phase of their projects"

- Former Chief Building Official, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

"the formula was paramount in saving our homeowner from a build up of extras & time during construction"

- Johnson Homes, Royal Oak Michigan

"We have learned so much so far!!! Really paying attention to details and considerations as to how we use the space has made us really take a hard look at our current space. It has also helped us with keeping reasonable expectations as to what is possible in consideration of our budget, before hiring a contractor or designer"

- Jenn, Current Student, Ontario, Canada

"There is more functionality compared to our previous kitchen. Much more useful!"

- Past Student, Ontario, Canada

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