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June 7th, 2021

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Would you like to know how to renovate without...




Imagine being able to...

Avoid the mistakes most homeowners make even with professional help. Experience the bliss of watching your renovation transform before your eyes. Get your dream design that functions as well as it looks, all while having time left at the end of the day to spend time with your family.


The questions you want answers to...



✔️ How do I begin the reno process? — do I start by having a contractor come to the house?

✔️ How do I set a budget & what is a reasonable budget for my project?

✔️ Which materials and selections are right for me?

✔️ How do I interview and hire the right people and companies?

✔️ How to make sure the work is being done right? 

✔️ There are 1000's of selections, which is right for me?

✔️ What should be covered under warranty?

✔️ How can I manage extras and track the schedule?

✔️ What timeframe should I expect the work to be completed in?

✔️ What should I do if something goes wrong?

If you answered YES to any of these questions Join The Renovation Formula™ Challenge today and change your design and renovation outcome.
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So, here's how the challenge works. 

The challenge costs $497 $147 (if you get the early bird pricing) & here is what you get


The Bathroom Design & Renovation Challenge Includes:
  • The Renovation Formula™ Kitchen Edition (The Tools & Techniques for creating a beautiful functional Kitchen with an exceptional renovation experience)
  • Video Coaching & Goals with Cassandra & Patrick
  • Membership to the TRF Private Facebook Community with Q&A
  • The NEW Digital Workbooks & Templates for Each Week's Goals
  • 24+ Lessons, 3+ Hours of Training Videos, 90+ Pages of Downloadable Survey's, Checklists, Workbooks & Schedules.
BONUS #1 - Access to a LIVE Q&A Session with Cassandra & Patrick
BONUS #2 - What To Expect During Your Renovation Guide
BONUS #3 - Apres Renovation Guide - What to do when your reno is done

Included with the challenge

On-Demand Video Lessons (replays)


Downloadable Checklists & Worksheets

Support - Including live Q&A sessions

Lifetime Access


Money-Back Guarantee

The challenge step by step...

Led by your trainer, international-award winning Designer Cassandra Nordell, this challenge is designed to help you prepare to design and plan your dream renovation in 30 days.


Step 1 - The Blueprint

Each week, you will receive new training and goals from Cassandra.
These will give you the strategy you need for success at each step.
You will have the ability to network with and ask questions to our coaches as well as others who are also going through the challenge with you.

Step 2 - The Method

After the training, you will be given a "One Page Digital Workbook" with the exact step by step tactics you need to complete that step. 

There will be videos showing HOW to implement the strategy as well as a digital workbook to help keep everything clear!

These missions will take between 30-60 minutes to complete each week. 

Step 3 - The Application

Not only do you get video coaching and accountability…

You also get a LIVE Q&A SESSION with Cassandra & Patrick.
On these special live trainings, you get to pick their brains and ask ANY question you have about your design, your materials, your challenges, you name it.
It’s like having your very own DEDICATED SUPPORT TEAM

Week One is all about the foundation of great renovations.

We'll be covering Renovation Facts & Statistics and teaching you how to create a realistic project Budget. Once you've set your budget we'll move on to creating your Design Profile in preparation for getting started with design in week two.


Week Two is the soul of The Renovation Formula & walks you through Cassandra's trademarked All-Inclusive Design™ process

We're going to do a deep dive into how to get started with your design, understanding the difference between a layout and All-Inclusive Design™ and how you can avoid design mistakes that even the pros make!

If that wasn't enough you will learn how to be your own projects advocate to make sure the design works for YOU! Through lessons such as Storage Zones & Planning, Plumbing & Electrical Considerations, Selections 101 & Functionality.


Week Three teaches you how to get the best, accurate prices.

At the end of the day it's you that are responsible for your budget and your numbers. We know it can be daunting and so this week we'll cover lessons such as making sure your scope of work is complete, finding the right teammates to do the job, and obtaining accurate quotes. 

This is where most homeowners go wrong, and jump into the project NOT knowing they have an incomplete plan that will lead to blowing the budget. 

Week 4 is all about the influence you can have on your renovations success.

To get the best reno experience, you have to create & maintain successful relationships. We will show you how to get aligned with your contractor, trades and anyone working on the job, as well as go over what should be in your contract and warranty,  how to track your budget & project extras, reno schedules & executing/overseeing the renovation.

Do we believe in this so much that we offer a guarantee?

YES, we guarantee that if you participate, complete the lessons and do the work that by the time you're done you will feel confident, aligned and excited. If for some reason you don't feel that's true, then you can email our support team within 30 days and receive a full refund. Pretty simple. But if you're like most people, this experience will change your renovation and for some of you it will change your life.

You're just 30 days away from being able to confidently...

Spot Design Flaws

Stay On Budget

Finish on Schedule

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Scroll to see what our students are saying...

What our students are saying... 

"We are LOVING our new home. Someone told me recently that they couldn't understand why we did this process but once they toured our home and saw the attention to even the smallest of details they were really impressed. My brother-in-law asked me if there was anything I would change now that we are living in the home. I told him without hesitation, ‘No! I love it all!’ We really want to express to you that we appreciate all your knowledge."

- Student, Ontario, Canada

"We love the design. it's current but timeless. It's all about function & every detail is functional & used on a daily basis"

- The Morgan's, Detroit, Michigan

"The formula was paramount in saving our homeowner from a build up of extras & time during construction"

- Johnson Homes, Royal Oak Michigan

"The process made the entire design phase and construction smoother for us and the homeowner on a whole home craftsman style make over"

- Johnson Homes, Royal Oak, Michigan

"From the course we learned how to obtain a good contractor who is reliable, cost effective, and works in a timely manner which is especially important when dealing with a budget. It made us think beyond the basics of choosing colour and the latest style. It helped us to do it once and do it right."

- The Jackson's, Ontario, Canada

"We purchased a 1910 craftsman style home and transformed every room. This is the second using the process and we will continue to do so"

- Mark, Michigan, USA

"Before we renovated our entire main floor, we attended a previous in-person kitchen & bath educational seminar with Cassandra & Patrick and we're glad we did. We recommend taking these courses before embarking on a new build or renovation project to get perspective on the many details that go into a successful project"

- The Machan's, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

"The team is over the top professional, knowledgeable and on the ball. The result of our whole home make over is a design that we love, and every inch is functional."

- Mark & Mandi, Michigan, USA

"A huge undertaking a 4.5-month renovation of 90% of our home. There were some minor frustrations along the way but this by far made it as detailed and painless as possible"

- Brenda, Ontario, Canada

"Cassandra is a proven expert in the kitchen, bath and home industry. She has a gift for space, and an extreme eye for detail that when combined create extraordinary results. I can’t believe she’s sharing her coveted expert tips and personally developed processes through these courses. I know that this content will drastically help homeowners to have less stress during the design, estimating and building phase of their projects."

- Former Chief Building Official, Kingston, Ontario Canada

"We have learned so much so far!!! Really paying attention to details and considerations as to how we use the space has made us really take a hard look at our current space. It has also helped us with keeping reasonable expectations as to what is possible in consideration of our budget, before hiring a contractor or designer"

- Jenn, Current Student

"We love the design. it's current but timeless. It's all about function & every detail is functional & used on a daily basis"

- The Morgans, Detroit, Michigan

The most important part of your renovation is not who you hire...

Let that sink in. You've probably heard or thought about the importance of hiring the right people but there are key ingredients and steps that you, the homeowner, can't miss. The good news is you're about to learn the insider tips & tricks that will transform your renovation experience.

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