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The DESIGN you want, the QUALITY you want and the EXPERIENCE you want... Will be built by the plan YOU create!

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 Do you want to make sure you nail the Design, but aren't sure how to avoid missing something?

 Do you want to hire the best people for the job and pay fair prices for quality work?

 Do you want to stay on budget and avoid surprises?

 Are you worried about making mistakes you'll have to live with forever?

 Do you want to avoid stress & strain on your family by making sure your project is completed on time?


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 The Facts About Renovations

Most people exceed their budgets. They make rushed decisions out of order and they miss important items that wouldn't have cost more to have included in the first place. They add time, they add stress and worst of all most people don't know they've made design mistakes until it's too late. In fact:
  • 30% of homeowners exceed their budget by more than DOUBLE!
  • 70% were not satisfied with the end result!
  • 12% of couples consider divorce!
  • 80% needed more storage space
The good news is that Renovations don't have to be scary.


Discover the secrets of what makes an exceptional renovation

Are you serious about wanting to get your renovation completed without design mistakes, constant on the fly decisions, overspending on unknowns, stress on you, your family and your marriage... and it taking forever to complete the project, while making sure you get quality materials, workmanship and pay a fair price?

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A Few Of The Secrets You Need to Know...

If You're a Homeowner Planning a Kitchen or Bathroom Renovation

SECRET #1 - The #1 reason your renovation will take longer, cost more and be stressful is NOT because of who you hired!

SECRET #2 - You don't need to become a designer or a contractor to get a complete plan.

SECRET #3 - You don't need spend a lot of time or sacrifice your budget to get high quality results.

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 What is The Renovation Formula™?

The Renovation Formula™ is a set of tools and tutorials that breaks down the entire renovation process and makes it easy to understand. It was designed by industry experts to arm homeowners like you with the secrets you need to choose the right professionals, make confident design decisions and make sure your renovation stays on-time and under budget.


Now you can start the renovation process with confidence

Plus an organized system with checklists, worksheets & schedules :)

With The Renovation Formula™ you'll get answers to questions like:
  • How do I begin the reno process - do I start by having a contractor come to the house?
  • How do I set a budget & what's a reasonable budget for my project?
  • How can I protect the resale value of my home? Can I spend to little or too much?
  • There are 1500 materials to choose from, which is right for me?
  • How do I vet and hire the right trades?
  • How can I make sure the work is being done right?
  • What should be covered under warranty?
  • How can I manage construction extras and track the project?
  • How long should it take to complete my project?


You'll Learn How to


  • Spot design flaws before the renovation begins
  • Stay on budget
  • Keep your project on schedule
  • Avoid costly mistakes


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Here's what you'll get...

Each segment includes Lessons + Downloads + Checklists + Worksheets + Schedules to plan your project step by step, at your own pace!


Project Fundamentals

  • The Renovation Process
  • Common Mistakes & Pitfalls
  • How to develop a Strategic Renovation Plan

The Design Process

  • Working with Designers to get a design you LOVE
  • How to spot design flaws & ensure functionality
  • Selecting materials & finishes

Estimating Your Project

  • How to price your project
  • Obtaining accurate quotes
  • Monitoring and staying on budget

Executing Your Renovation

  • Establishing relationships with trades, contractors and renovation professionals
  • Contracts - what to look for & what to make sure is included.
  • Monitoring progress and ensuring your project stays on schedule.
  • Keep your project on schedule
  • Avoid costly mistakes

24 lessons, 3+ hours of content, 90+ pages of checklists, schedules and workbooks. 

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Meet your guides...

with 35+ years of experience in whole home renovations and 300 + projects completed with an over 96% customer satisfaction rate...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What others are saying...

Home Builder

Ontario Canada

In my 30 year career I have never seen such detailed, yet concise information for planning kitchens, bathrooms and interiors as The Renovation Formula. 

Cassandra & Patrick's methods save a lot of time in the construction phase of renovations or new home builds and bring the big picture together for all trades and the homeowner. 

Kelsey Matheson


New York, U.S.A

I know Cassandra to be an expert in kitchen, bath and home design and construction. She has been recognized as an industry leader and top innovator.

I am confident that her courses will save homeowners from missing the details, helping them to save time, money and to better enjoy the process of renovating or building their homes.

Ashley Osmar

Building Official 

Kingston, Ontario

"Cassandra is a proven expert in the kitchen, bath and home industry. She has a gift for space, and an extreme eye for detail that when combined create extraordinary results.
I can’t believe she’s sharing her coveted expert tips and personally developed
processes through these courses. I know that this content will drastically help homeowners to have less stress during the design, estimating and building phase of their projects."

Ken & Tracey

Ontario, Canada

We attended a previous in-person kitchen & bath educational seminar with Cassandra & Patrick and were glad we did. We recommend taking these courses before embarking on a new build or renovation project to get perspective on the many details that go into a successful project.

The Jackson's


After attending one of Cassandra & Patrick's in-person events we learned how to obtain a good contractor who is reliable, cost effective, and works in a timely manner which is especially important when dealing with a budget. It made us think beyond the basics of choosing colour and the latest style. It helped us to do it once and do it right.

Eric Johnson

Michigan, U.S.A

Cassandra is a clear expert. We used her systems for detailed drawings & renovation planning for a high-end, large whole home makeover that we worked on together and it made the construction phase smoother for the homeowner and the construction team. Her unique approach that put the details in place before construction began and was paramount in saving the homeowner from a build up of extras and time during the construction phase. We appreciated how thorough the drawings, specifications and scope of work was